Who Will The New York City School System Blame Antisemitism and Islamophobia Upon?
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From the New York Times news section:

New York City Schools Will Teach About Antisemitism and Islamophobia

All middle and high school principals will receive new training, after the system faced criticism for doing too little to address the Israel-Hamas war.

By Troy Closson
Jan. 22, 2024, 5:14 p.m. ET

New York City will offer new curriculum materials on antisemitism and Islamophobia in its public schools and train principals and teachers on how to have difficult conversations about politically charged issues, officials said on Monday in response to criticism that the system has done too little to address the Israel-Hamas war. …

It came two months after a raucous demonstration at Hillcrest High School in Queens—where officials said a pro-Israel teacher was targeted—became a major flashpoint for some Jewish families, who argued the system had not done enough to quell bias in schools. …

On Monday, Mr. Banks said all middle and high school principals would receive mandatory training in March on “navigating difficult conversations” and would then be asked to bring the training to their school staff members.

In addition to expanding teaching materials on antisemitism and Islamophobia, he said the Education Department would offer anti-discrimination workshops to parent leaders.

… Mr. Banks was seeking to respond to criticisms, but also said his goal was to provide a more uniform plan for tackling the impact of the war in Gaza in a system that is particularly diverse, with tens of thousands of Jewish, Muslim and Arab students.

So, let’s guess how this training will go. Will it be:

“Here in New York schools, you Muslims should stop being anti-Semitic and you Jews should stop being Islamophobic.”


“Watch this enactment at Redneck Prairie High School in which football captain Kincaid Schultz and his blonde cheerleader girlfriend Kaylee Saltonstall are anti-Semitic and Islamophobic at the same time. They are the bad guys. You all need to gang up on people like them. They are The Enemy.”

I mean, how else could this training possibly go?

We have a failure of Diversity in New York City schools, but, as we all know, Diversity Is Our Strength so it can’t possibly fail. Therefore, wreckers from somewhere out in the hinterland must be sabotaging Our Diversity.

And we know what they look like.

How are they wrecking New York City schools? Through the vast, misty, unfalsifiable powers of Systemic Antisemitism/Islamophobia.

How else?

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