Who Speaks AGAINST Immigration And FOR American Workers? Hardly Anyone
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The CIS study I wrote about on Friday some good work in it, even if some of it is, er, derivative.
 Congressional Budget Office projections indicate that if the Schumer-Rubio bill (S.744) becomes law, the number of new legal immigrants allowed into the country will roughly double to 20 million over the next decade, adding to the 40 million immigrants (legal and illegal) already here.1 This increase is in addition to the legalization of illegal immigrants already in the country. The primary argument for this dramatic increase is, as Republican congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) has argued, that without it the country faces "labor shortages". The National Restaurant Association, National Association of Home Builders, National Association of Manufacturers, Business Roundtable, U.S. Chamber Commence, and numerous other companies and business associations have all argued that immigration should be increased because there are not enough workers in the country — both skilled and unskilled.2 This report examines employment trends for immigrants and natives to see if potential workers are, in fact, in short supply.
All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants Number of U.S. Born Not Working Grew by 17 Million By Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler, June 2014

I’ve added emphasis, but not links. And here’s the text of footnote 2 above.

2 The National Restaurant Association's position on the need for more foreign workers can be found here. The National House Builders Association letter on S.744 can be found here. Its general view on the need for more immigration can be found here and here. The National Association of Manufacturers' letter on S.744 can be found here. Its general views on the need for more immigrant workers can be found here. This report provides an overview of the Business Roundtable's call for increasing immigration. The Chamber of Commerce's press releases, testimonies, and reports on immigration can be found here. Statements by the Chamber's president on the need to increase immigration can be found here and here. The Agriculture Workforce Coalition includes most of the major associations representing farmers, landscapers, nurseries, and horticulture. Here is a report put out by the Coalition on need for more workers. Here is the Coalition's statement on S.744. Compete America is a prominent coalition primarily of technology companies and related associations that have lobbied for S.744 and other increases in higher skilled immigrants. [Links in original]
That’s a lot of people speaking for immigration and against American workers. Who speaks against immigration and for American workers?

Well, in theory:

The answer is a very small number of patriotic societies, underfunded like the Center For Immigration Studies and NumbersUSA, or barely funded at all like VDARE.com. And we can expect to be harassed by Congress, unions, and the free and independent press.

What's the good news? Our position is supported by up to 70 percent of the American people—and many politicians know it.


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