Who's Groping on the NYC Subway?
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(Warning: Some Graphic Language) The New York City Transit Authority is announcing a program to fight the apparently expanding menace of subway gropers. [wcbstv.com - NYC Transit Plans Anti-Groping Campaign] The "fight" against groping is reported to include such aggressive measures as the placing of posters encouraging women to report the grouping. (Yes, ladies, now you can relax, confident of the protection provided by the warning posters.)

But as with so many deteriorations of the quality of life in America, I'm tempted to wonder who, exactly, is responsible for all this subway groping. My own experience, as a 7-year veteran of the F and D trains, and from speaking to a variety of female straphangers, is that gropers are more likely to be black or Hispanic, like this charmer. [Alleged NYC subway groper could get life |Man has been arrested 53 times, mostly for groping women, AP, April. 14, 2008]

One common story from women I've spoken to is that of the lone black man, probably homeless, who has unzipped himself to masturbate in plain view inside the subway car. Needless to say, it's an unnerving sight for anyone. Above ground, in New York and elsewhere, women (even liberal ones) report the lewdness of Hispanic men, whose own culture takes a decidedly different view of respect for women. Here's an example:

I haven't been in NYC very long (originally from Nevada) but never in my life have I experienced so many creepy men who blatantly stare me up and down, say nasty sexual comments to me, call me names, etc. until I moved here. I'm a pretty attractive, young, blonde girl, which is very common where I'm from, so I assume the guys there are just used to it. But here it's just ridiculous! So is it normal for a female to have 5 foot tall Hispanic men (oh you know what I'm talking about, I see them everywhere. They're all hispanic, short, and creepy. Often seen delivering food.) on the subway staring and whispering at you? To walk past a guy on the street and have him stop and turn around and shout something at you? When I'm walking down the street and see a group of construction workers I know what's coming. I've even had a guy grab my ass on a crowded subway. Do these men have ANY respect for women?

City-Data Forum > New York City Being a female in NYC, what's with all the creepy men/stares/comments?

And subway anarchy generally tends to be a non-white phenomenon, as this hair-raising account holds: Hell on Wheels—The job of a conductor on a New York City subway train is a voyage into the heart of darkness. by Daniel Attila, American Renaissance, January 1997.

Now, whites are not unknown to engage in sexual perversity, and whenever I hear that someone's been arrested for child pornography, I assume the perpetrator is white. But I'm having trouble picturing a proportionate number of whites in the subway-groper population. So who are the gropers?

Can we expect anyone to report the statistics, if they're taken? Transit won't tell us, and I'm sure the press won't, either. But common sense New York women probably have an idea. [VDARE.com note: Some New York women have started a campaign to encourage women to snap cellphone pictures of anyone the see misbehaving, and post them on http://hollabacknyc.blogspot.com/. The results are about what you'd expect.]

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