Who Is Robert Ngari? Where Is He From? And Can He Go Back There, Please?
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This is a strange story—a man named Robert Ngari was arrested for stealing an ambulance. Other stories say he was wearing an EMT shirt and a stethoscope.
Man arrested at school for stealing ambulance

By BETH LAMONTAGNE HALL New Hampshire Union Leader Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009

MILFORD — Police arrested a Hudson man yesterday morning after they said he stole an ambulance in Manchester, drove it to Milford High School and was later found walking the halls.

Robert Ngari, 25, was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, attempted theft, receiving stolen property, impersonating medical personnel and criminal trespassing. As of yesterday afternoon, Ngari was being held in Nashua pending arraignment, said Milford Police Chief Frederick Douglas.

Around 6:47 a.m., a caller from Milford High School reported an ambulance parked in the lot and an African-American man in camouflage pants and a hoodie-style sweatshirt wandering around, going from vehicle to vehicle, Douglas said.

He would have stood out slightly—according to GreatSchools, Milford High School is only 2 percent black. And if a man is named Ngari, it's likely that he's not African-American in the sense that Jesse Jackson is, but African-African.(The name Ngari is found in Gabon, and other places in Africa.) You can see video of him here, and he looks like an African immigrant.
Police were notified that the man had entered the school and by the time he had reached the lobby, police had found him, said Douglas.

Douglas said the man identified himself as Ngari and he was taken into custody.

Milford High School starts at 7:20 a.m. and when Ngari was on campus, students would have been arriving for the day, said Suprenant. Both he and Douglas said to their knowledge, none of the students at the school had any interaction with Ngari.

The school doors are secured during the day, but for about 20 minutes in the morning, the doors stay open as hundreds of students file into class. He credited staff members for spotting the suspicious person quickly and alerting police.

"Milford High School is overall a very safe and secure environment," he said. "This is certainly more of an anomaly than a pattern."

Here's another story that says
Ngari faces five charges that include unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and impersonating emergency medical services personnel.

In court, prosecutors said Ngari has been arrested multiple times since 2006, and all of the charges were dismissed for a variety of reasons that include being incompetent to stand trial.

This would be a good time for New Hampshire police to check his immigration status.I don't expect the Mexican consul will complain.
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