More On Status Hispanicus In The ER
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Some of the stuff from the Wikipedia entry Steve quotes below seems to come from ER Stories, which is a blog about "Shocking, Hilarious, Bizarre, and Sad Tales from the Emergency Room."

Here's their entry on slang—and here are some quotes about the effects of large scale Hispanic immigration on Emergency Rooms:

7. STATUS HISPANICUS - an offensive but often used term (sometime by other Hispanics) describing a hysterical Hispanic patient (traditionally Puerto-Rican or Dominican - almost never Mexican however). Often screaming ”Eye yieye yieye yieye” (see Eye- tach below). A spoof of the medical terms ”Status Asthmaticus and Status Epilepticus” describing severe, nonstop asthma attacks or seizures. See below OMD below as well. One of the terms I avoid using.

8. OMD - Oh Mi Duele. Means ”Oh I have pain!” in Spanish. A take off on EMD which means ”electro-mechanical dissociation” - an serious cardiac rhythm disturbance. Used like ”She is going into OMD, give her some Morphine”.

9. Eye - tach- A spoof of V-tach which is short for Ventricular Tachycardia, a life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia. Someone goes into Eye-tach from OMD - Eyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye.

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