Who Is Microaggressing Whom?
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Commenter Harry Baldwin notes:
This [viral video of a pretty white women being harassed on the streets of New York mostly by male People of Color] is just another one of those occasions where the various members of the Rag Tag coalition are reminded that they may not be true comrades. This reminds me of one of Steve’s posts on microaggressions from last year. The microaggression one woman reported was all the Nicaraguan men catcalling at her when she walked down a street in that country: “Hey! White girl! I love you! You are beautiful! Shouted to me on the street 15+ times a day during my study abroad experience in Nicaragua. I never truly understood what it meant to feel objectified until this experience. ”
The response was numerous angry accusations of white privilege:
“This complaint of a microaggression is a microagression in and of itself. It is perpetuating the idea that ‘white beauty’ is ideal and that Latinos are machismo & objectify women.” – “Sorry your beauty was such an inconvenience while trying to study abroad in the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, grappled by earthquakes, hurricanes, dictatorships, two revolutionary wars, oppression and a history of US interference and manipulation. – “I feel a hell of a lot more sexism coming from my white, male, American, ivy league-educated, nonprofit bosses than the constant catcalls coming from Dominican dudes, who are living in poverty that is directly related to my part of the world’s exploitation and oppression of theirs. You know our lives are like super f’ing easy in comparison, right? So much so that you can go study abroad, invade their lives and then complain when they act how their culture acts, wow. Even if it is objectifying (not saying it is), it isn’t your place to get offended. How bout you try to spend your time trying to genuinely and respectfully learn about culture and life and your role there instead?”
And then the commenters start arguing with each other, which is doubly fun but too confusing typographically to post here, so go read the whole thing there. Harry asks:
Yes, the left-wing coalition is full of contradictions. How long can the KKKrazy Glue hold?
The KKKrazy Glue of the Democrats’ coalition has to be stoking hatred of white men. What else can hold them together? But, white men still get most of the most valuable work done in our society. The Democrats don’t really want to be on the wrong side of most of the CEOs, for instance, as it becomes ever more obvious what this is all about. So, expect an ever greater splintering of identity so that more CEOs can announced themselves oppressed as well: I’m a gay CEO! I’m not one of those cisgendered CEOs, I’m a transgendered CEO! More importantly: I’m a pro-immigrant, pro-black, pro-woman, pro-gay, pro-trans CEO (even though I have five children total by my first and second wives)! I am an anti-Wrong Kind of White Men CEO! Are you offended by that? Well, that just proves you are the Wrong Kind of White Man! So this kind of thing can go on and on for a long time.
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