White Supremacists at Paul Weiss Announce New Partner Class, And ABOVE THE LAW Is On It!
December 14, 2018, 01:01 PM
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Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison was once described to me as "the firm you hire when a litigation puts the future existence of your company on the line."

With stakes that high, it's not surprising that affirmative action isn't high on the firm's list of priorities.

Above the Law's Joe Patrice—who himself doesn't appear to be adding to the diversity of anything—singled out the firm's new partner class announcement for detailed ridicule.

Paul Weiss Press Release Captures Everything Broken About Biglaw In One Image
Biglaw can't solve this problem until it sees it. This image suggests that may still be a ways off.

By Joe Patrice, Above The Law, December 11, 2018

Indeed, there appear to be no associates of color who made the partner cut.  Of the twelve, I count one woman and four names that might be Jewish.


It's further proof to me that when incredible amounts of money are on the line, affirmative action evaporates and IQ takes charge.

Patrice blames—naturally—the racism of 'Biglaw' for the all-white partnership.  He even weirdly suggests that the firm shouldn't have released pictures of the new partners.

That’s something for the members of that partner class to chew on.  Here you are at your moment of triumph and glory—years of hard work—and the politically correct jerk at Above the Law wants to cut it all down because you’re white.  He doesn’t even want to see your white face.


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