White Southerner Bill Clinton On MSM Anti-White Bias:"'Political Press' Gave Obama Better Coverage In Part Because Of His Race"
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Bill Clinton, the former governor of Arkansas, has a complaint about the anti-white media:

I mean, he isn't wrong. This goes back to the 2008 race.

See The Brothers and Sisters War—Women vs. Blacks In Dem Nomination Fight and Hillary's Obama Drug Smear—Clintonian Lie, Or…Does She Know Something?.

Clinton-Gore-1992-Confederate[1](A Hillary staffer had to resign after asking publicly why admitted drug user Obama was never asked if he'd sold drugs in school.)

The press had an actual conspiracy (called Journolist) to suppress bad news about Obama, like his support for Reverend Wright, who hated America because of all the white people in it.

But of course, now that Bill has said it, he's going to be considered a white Southerner again: see my blog item Clinton-Gore: In The 90s, The Democratic Party Put Two White Male Southerners In The White House. 

Huck And TomThat was illustrated with the image at the right,  and this GQ cover. Chances of the Democrats running two white Southerners again--low.

Chance of a Sessions/Kobach ticket (Alabama and Kansas) higher than Before Trump.




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