White Nationalism Update: Then They Came For The Orthodox Jew (Who's Not Going)
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In Monday’s feed from the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) the “scandal” regarding the private tweets of the editor of the Jewish Press, Elliot Resnick broke. [Orthodox newspaper’s editor called African religions ‘primitive’ and gay rights movement ‘evil’, By Josefin Dolsten July 15, 2019]  JTA and liberal Jews were offended that Resnick, who seems to think like a normal American, made statements denying the existence of White Nationalism and against the homosexual agenda being “shoved down our throats.”  

Some of his tweets show he thinks and is willing to express his thoughts, even if they are unpopular.  A good example is his tweet about Willem Van Spronsen’s attack on ICE, “Who would like to bet that if the terrorist at the immigration center was a Republican instead of a Democrat and had tried attacking foreigners rather than Americans, the story would have been headline news for a week?”  What could be truer?

More controversial is his position on adult/minor consensual sex, which he views from a pure Talmudic position saying that a 17-year-old is not a minor, especially a modern 17 year-old.

Two quotes that really got the libs stirred up were these, “If blacks resent America’s (sic) so much, let them discard Christianity (which the ‘white man’ gave them) and re-embrace the primitive religions they practiced in Africa,” and “Can someone give me a coherent reason why blackface is racist?”

Another is on White Nationalism:

A con game indeed.

Perhaps his best was this one, 

“I might be weak on my American history, but last I checked, it wasn't normal for members of Congress not to like the United States.”

The usual suspects want Resnick’s head, but Orthodox Jews don’t seem real easy to intimidate. According to JTA, the Jewish Press’s publisher, Naomi Maurer responded to attacks on Resnick by saying, ”I’m sorry for these tweets, but there is such a thing as freedom of speech and freedom of him to express it,” Mauer told JTA on Monday. “And it’s not done as the chief editor of The Jewish Press and The Jewish Press does not carry that viewpoint.”  

Would an American mainstream Christian publisher have the civil courage to remind folks that in the USA, we have something called “freedom of speech?”  Our neutered press would throw Resnick under the bus in a second. Praise is due the Jewish Press and respect is owed to Resnick for his courage to express unpopular but sane views.






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