2019 Police Data In 56% White Nashville: Black Suspects In 89% Of Nonfatal Shootings/76% Of Homicides
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No one has analyzed these statistics before, made readily available for all to consume. In fact, these statistics are made available every year. 

The Tennessean is the Gannett-owned newspaper in Nashville, and the writers for this publication have never discussed this data before, nor have any of the local news affiliates owned by ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX.

From the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD), we get the incredible Density Maps With Victim / Suspect Demographics 2019.

Before we look into the criminal statistics by race this report provides, it’s important we point out two important facts: Nashville is 56 percent white and 28 percent black.

So here we go. In 2019 Nashville,

  • Of known aggravated assault suspects, blacks were 66 percent of suspects
  • Of known nonfatal shooting suspects, blacks were 89 percent of suspects… which means blacks were 16 times more likely than whites to be arrested for committing a nonfatal shooting
  • Of known homicide suspects, blacks were 76 percent of suspects
  • Of known robbery suspects, blacks were 84 percent of suspects

All across America, the racial reality of crime hides right before our eyes. For noticing patterns of those who do evil to others, we are deemed the nefarious ones.

Who is committing the violent crime in Nashville, a 56 percent white city? Our friends at the Metro Nashville Police Department provide the data, all it takes is some simple math to paint an as-accurate-as-possible picture of the racial breakdown of violent criminals in the Music City in 2019.

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