White Lives Don't Matter—To Avert Riot, Portland PD Tells BLM/Antifa Terrorists They Shot A White Man
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White privilege, right?

Police kill white man in Portland, and make sure to explain it was a white man they killed so Antifa/Black Lives Matter terrorists won’t riot.

Because white lives don’t matter.

 Portland Police Reassure Antifa That Man Shot By Police Was White To Avoid Riot, ZeroHedge.com, June 25, 2021

Portland Police moved to reassure Antifa extremists that a man they shot in the back was white in order to avoid a riot after it was erroneously reported the victim was black.

Yes, really.

After a man allegedly armed with a screwdriver was shot by cops outside a motel in Northeast Portland, authorities moved quickly to announce that the suspect was not African-American.

“There is erroneous information being circulated on social media regarding in the officer involved shooting in the Lloyd district. We can confirm that the subject involved is an adult white male. No one else was injured,” tweeted Portland Police.

As Andy Ngo highlighted, the tweet was posted in order to avoid a confrontation with Antifa rioters, who were already gathering at the location after rumors swirled that the man shot by police was black.

“Nothing to worry about folks, we just killed a white guy!” joked Chris Menahan.

Portland Police also likely leaked to the news media that the officer who fired the shots was black.

According to an eyewitness, the man shot by police was suicidal and became agitated as he was being helped into an ambulance before lunging at cops with the screwdriver.

However, the man was only apparently shot when he was running away from officers, meaning that a protest would have actually been justified in this case.

The situation mirrors that of a similar incident that took place in Minnesota back in April.

After a carjacker fired shots at police, he was gunned down by cops. Black Lives Matter protesters immediately gathered in response but soon left after it emerged the victim was white.

Cops kill a black criminal, riots justified.

Cops kill a white man, cops immediately make a plea to Black Lives Matter/Antifa terrorists to hold off on rioting because all they killed was a white man.

White privilege, eh?

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