White Inmate vs Obama In West VA Primary: The Media Still Can't Mention Race
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Keith Judd

Power Play on Fox News Has this story:

"The bad news for Obama is that Keith Judd, Inmate No. 11593-051, serving a 210-month sentence at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas, also outperformed the president’s 2008 West Virginia primary showing.

Judd, who lists himself as a “Rastafarian-Christian” and his career as “Founder, World Peace Through Musical Communications Skills,” took 41 percent of the vote among West Virginia Democrats and carried 10 counties.

Power Play knows something about West Virginia politics and can assert without fear of correction that Judd did not carry Clay County because of a large “Rastafarian-Christian” population. And while Logan County has voted for a felon or two before, it’s not usually considered a positive attribute unto itself.

This was about hardening resentment against Obama on the state’s top economic issue – Obama’s mounting restrictions on the mining and burning of coal – as well as a general sense among blue-collar, socially conservative Democrats that there isn’t a place for them in Obama’s party."

A sidebar in the story highlights the class issue:

"The real story turned out to be that Obama still has big problems where he's had them all along: moderate, blue-collar Democrats."

But Fox News can't bring themselves to mention that this “Rastafarian-Christian” is actually a white guy. The "real story" is that Democratic voters in West By God Virginia gave 40 percent of their vote to a white criminal in a Texas prison over the black president in the White House.

Politico has 10 facts about felon Keith Judd,a typically loony amateur candidate,

Sample fact:

7. Favorite athlete: Gary Skidmore, a pro bowler. Favorite actor: Gene Hackman. As for his favorite food, he writes, “I forgot.”

Still unmentioned is fact number 11—he's white. (But they did provide a photograph.)

Of course, Judd was the only other candidate on the ballot—Democrats who still have anything left to lose aren't trying to primary Obama.

In February, political satirist Frank J. Fleming wrote 

"It’s a crucial election year. As another global financial crisis looms and rogue states pursue nuclear weapons, the American people are desperately looking for a strong leader to show them the way to a brighter tomorrow.

So it’s unconscionable that the Democratic primaries have yet to produce a single serious candidate for president."
Democrats’ Rotten Primary Choices, NY Post, February 3, 2012

Apparently the white voters of West Virginia feel the same way.

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