White Flight in Finland
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The global press was baffled by the success of an anti-immigration party in last month's Finnish elections. Only dumb people ever worry about immigration, but Finland has the highest test scores in Europe: Does Not Compute!

Why in the world would Finnish voters, which has had the least immigration of any European country that hasn't been Communist, be worried about immigration?

From the Helsinki Sanomat:

Pasi also emphasises the attraction of the neighbouring area, but in addition to the attractive factors there are other features that made the mother from Metsälä  refuse to consider a school in Maunula.
"Undoubtedly we all want to live in a multicultural and tolerant atmosphere, but the fact is that if there are many children who do not speak Finnish, the teacher's time is spent on them", the mother of two says.
She does not know any children who have actually attended school in Maunula, but she has "heard stories".
The stories are spread as mothers meet for coffee during the day, but few bother to examine whether or not there is any truth to these mental images that people have. The result is mass flight.
Pasi also has an impression of the Maunula school. "Normal education does not work there. There are many children who should not be in first grade at school. When your own child is at stake, you have to be careful."
The large number of immigrant children is a concern for him. "It's damn hard to teach if the group doesn't speak any language. They just yell in their cultural agony."
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