Whining Racist Defeated Again In BART Shooting
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The first civil trial arising after the accidental shooting of the thug Oscar Grant has ended with another total and massive defeat for the racist grievance mongers looking to steal money from hard working white tax-payers of the Bay Area, as well as from current and former Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) police officers. This deals a devastating blow to the racist and racial grievance industry, showing that not even a San Fran Nan jury will give out a lawsuit lottery winning to the thugs who make public transit in San Francisco so dangerous. Also found innocent was Johannes Mehserle, the falsely accused Great White Defendant and falsely convicted police officer who accidentally shot the thug Oscar Grant.

San Francisco Examiner December 2, 2011 Will Reisman

Johannes Mehserle, Four Others Cleared In BART Police Brutality Trial

Former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle and four others were cleared by a federal jury on Thursday of using excessive force during a 2008 confrontation with an Oakland man, sparing the transit agency from a costly payout.

Kenneth Carrethers alleged that Mehserle and four other BART police officers unlawfully hog-tied, kicked and punched him after he confronted them verbally at the Oakland Coliseum BART station. The incident occurred about six weeks before Mehserle shot and killed Oscar Grant III, an unarmed passenger, on Jan. 1, 2009.

The seven-person jury deliberated for about six hours over two days before delivering its verdict in the civil case at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco. When the verdict was read, Carrethers slumped and shook his head. Mehserle and the four other defendants later hugged each other and their lawyer, Dale Allen...

And the whining racist mau-mauing begins:

Dolan said the makeup of the jury played a factor in the verdict. There was not one black juror, and the sole minority person on the panel asked to be dismissed earlier in the trial. Carrethers is black.

“It’s unfortunate that Mr. Carrethers did not have a jury of his peers,” said Dolan. Allen said the jury was selected from a pool vetted by both lawyers.

The jury “weighed all the evidence and found that Mr. Carrethers did not meet the burden of proof for his claims,” Allen said.

And this loser ain't too bright. He attacked cops because someone else burglarized his car:

Carrethers conceded that he verbally berated Mehserle and the four officers, claiming he was upset that his car had been broken into twice in the past month and that BART police weren’t doing enough to prevent such crimes. However, he said he never physically threatened the officers. That claim was disputed by Mehserle, who testified that he was certain that Carrethers raised his fist in an attempt to hit Officer Frederick Guanzon.

Stupid is as stupid does. But it does show that fighting these lawsuits is better than settling.

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