More Shenanigans On The Obama "Record" Deportations
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The Christian Science Monitor reports that Matthew Kolken [Email him] of the Treason Bar is questioning the Obama deportation numbers for FY 2011. Not questioning the actual number of deportations, or that 19,000 of the alleged 297,000 deportations were actually from FY 2010, though the premise of his complaint is that Obama is deporting record number of illegal aliens, but questioning the alleged emphasis on criminal aliens while letting other illegal aliens remain in the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

Christian Science Monitor December 1, 2011 by Patrik Jonnson

Illegal Immigration: Are Obama Deportations Truly Aimed At 'Criminals'?

US says it deported a record 216,000 'criminal aliens' in fiscal 2011, but immigration court statistics show a drop in criminal deportation proceedings from the Bush years. How do those square?

Immigration attorney Matthew Kolken is openly questioning the forthrightness of the Obama administration these days.

He knows the Obama administration is in a tough spot. Congress is refusing to take up immigration reform, and the president is being squeezed between Republicans who claim he is soft on border crossers and Hispanics who say he has not done enough to resolve the status of longtime illegal immigrants.

Yet it is the administration's response that has left Mr. Kolken suggesting that the government "is not being truthful." Immigration officials say they are cutting a "common sense" middle path – ramping up deportations of criminal illegal immigrants but also granting prosecutors discretion to have compassion on law-abiding illegal workers who have close ties to the United States...

Statistics from an independent clearinghouse for federal data, however, appear to contradict some of the government's claims. Moreover, the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University in New York says the administration has been hesitant to release details behind a record 400,000 deportations in the past year.

The result has been growing concern among critics on the left and right that the Obama administration is playing politics – holding back data that might upset the Hispanic community, which is seen as crucial to the president's reelection prospects. Obama officials refute that assertion, but Kolken, for one, is skeptical.

"What I have seen coming out of TRAC, this administration is not being truthful with regards to the data they're releasing, or at least with regard to the public-relations spin they're putting on policies," says Kolken, who works in Buffalo, N.Y. "Every time they say something, TRAC looks at the cold, hard data, and it contradicts the press releases. It's a repeating pattern..."

The problem is that immigration court statistics obtained by TRAC show that actual criminal deportation proceedings have dropped below Bush administration levels. So how are deportations of criminal aliens up 89 percent over 2008?

Well, we know that the Regime is dishonest and Kolken has continued his jihad on the Regime for daring to deport favored illegal aliens. But more importantly he has refused to acknowledge that the total numbers are a fraud as well.

Of course Kolken's purpose is the end immigration enforcement, so any lie will do. His usual pattern is to select some illegal alien about to be deport and conspire with others to publicize that deportation, resulting in that alien being released. A kabuki theater of immigration enforcement and the corrupt dance the Treason Bar and MSM play with the Regime, as occurred here. But he does do a service in pointing out that the Regime has been falling down on the job of deporting criminal aliens. But that failure is also a part of dismantling of immigration enforcement in general. But recent professional experience has told me that the Regime's policy of not touching non-criminal illegal aliens has been fully implemented at the Field Office level by U.S. Immigration and Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ICE ERO). But is also clear that removals are in free fall. But then that was the purpose of the Administrative Amnesty. It just ain't happening quickly enough for the Treason Bar.

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