While Race Does Not Exist, Gorilla Glue Hair Mishap Highlights Lack Of Awareness About Black Hair Care
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From USA Today:

Gorilla Glue hair mishap comes to an end, highlights lack of awareness about Black hair care
by Rasha Ali, Feb. 10

All Tessica Brown wanted was for her hair to be laid, but instead she found herself in a scary, sticky situation.

Brown went viral when she turned to social media for help after using heavy-duty Gorilla Glue spray on her hair to keep it in place after running out of Got2B glued hairspray, which she noted was a "bad, bad, bad idea." 

On Thursday, TMZ shared footage of Brown after she finally had the glue removed with the help of a plastic surgeon. 

The woman, who's been dubbed "Gorilla Glue Girl," says she washed her hair 15 times to no avail.

Since Feb. 3, Brown has amassed a large following from stars to plastic surgeons and celebrity hairstylists all invested in how her story plays out, and though Brown's circumstance may be on the extreme end of the spectrum, it speaks to how little people understand when it comes to Black hair care and the trials Black women have to go through to find adequate products.

We clearly need more Korean immigrants to man the black hair care product stores of America.

Seriously, black Americans used to get rich by inventing and marketing their own hair care product innovations, like Madame C.J. Walker, the first black millionaire of either sex, and George E. Johnson, a millionaire whose Johnson Products company sold Ultra Sheen and Afro Sheen by being the exclusive sponsor of Soul Train when I was young. Now, though, they mostly seem to complain.

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