While African Rhodes Scholar Calls French "Nazis", Who Is Herding The Goats Back Home?
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Thin end of the wedge department. You remember the fuss about the Confederate battle flag — a hateful symbol of racism, oppression, white supremacy, and so on?

Well, that may have been the thin end of a mighty wedge. Headline from the Independent, a London broadsheet newspaper: Oxford law student Ntokozo Qwabe calls for universities to ban French flag after Paris attacks, comparing it to "Nazi flag".

Writing on Facebook, Mr. Qwabe targeted those Facebook users who, following the Muslim attacks in Paris, changed their Facebook profile pictures to the French flag. Quote from him, as written:

You can miss me with the buffoonery of changing Facebook profile pictures to violent imperial flags & hashtaging [sic] "prayers for Paris" I will silently pretend to but not kneel to carry out.

Mr Qwabe went on to call the French flag a, quote, "violent symbol" that should be banned from college campuses.

Mr Qwabe is a native of South Africa. He is studying for the prestigious Bachelor of Civil Laws degree at Oxford University — on, it has turned out, a Rhodes Scholarship, which pays his airfare and college fees and gives him $20,000 a year pocket money. The Rhodes Scholarship fund was established by Cecil Rhodes, a colonial-era entrepreneur who, among other achievements, founded the prosperous and successful state of Rhodesia, nowadays the black-ruled basket case police state of Zimbabwe.

Somewhere in England there is a young white man who can write grammatical English and who would benefit, and benefit his own nation, by being admitted to the Bachelor of Civil Laws degree.

Somewhere in South Africa there's a bunch of goats that need herding, and I know just the man for the job.

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