Radio Derb Is On The Air: Meet Quran Hamm—"He Hates White People"
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Radio Derb for the week ending January 8 is on the air! Sample:
Here at a few days ago I noted the last New York City homicide victim of 2015, a 16-year-old black lad shot fatally in the neck in a friend's apartment.

The thing that caught my eye about the story was the victim's name: Jihad Jackson.

Well, here's an early story from 2016, actually from, January 6th.

The principal here is also black, but he's a perp, not a victim. While in Hamilton County Jail back in July awaiting trial on charges of shooting at two police officers, this fellow, according to prosecutors, sucker-punched a deputy, knocking him down and splitting his ear open.

The motive for the attack, Assistant Prosecutor David McIlwain told jurors during opening statements in Hamm's trial, the motive was, quote, "He hates white people." Who could believe it?

Again, what catches one's eye here is the perp's name: Quran Hamm. That's the fancy PC spelling of "Koran," Q-U-R-A-N, although mercifully Mr. Hamm's parents (parent, whatever) left out the annoying apostrophes.

There is of course nothing more shamefully wicked than racial and ethnic profiling. I respectfully suggest, however, that if approached in the street by a black stranger who identifies himself as Mecca Washington, you should run like the wind.

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