Which Section Of The Sunday Newspaper Would The Candidates Turn To First?
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It's the Sunday between Christmas and New Year's Day and not much is going on. Which section of the Sunday newspaper would various famous politicians turn to first because it's most personally interesting?

Richard Nixon: Reports from foreign capitals, followed by the NFL news.

Ronald Reagan: The op-eds

Adlai Stevenson: The society page.

Bill Clinton: The movie news. (Maybe there's an Air Force One sequel in the works! Air Force One IIAir Force Two? Hmmmhmm ... needs work.)

George W. Bush: The sports page to catch up on the baseball Hot Stove League news.

Lyndon Johnson: Politics

Mitt Romney: The business section

Barack Obama: The book reviews, especially new upper middle-brow fiction. Obama has good taste in novels (better than mine), such as David Mitchell's The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet. (That's a Shogun-like story of the Dutch trading outpost in Japan on an island in Nagasaki harbor in 1799. It really takes off toward end when a British navy ship arrives, as in the Nagasaki Harbor Incident of 1808 when an improvising British captain almost conquered the Dutch entrepot. Mitchell is tremendous at explaining the real-time decision making of an Age of Nelson captain. Mitchell would make a good successor to C.S. Forester and Patrick O'Brian as a writer of sea stories.)

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