Obama: The Black Hole Of American Comedy (Continued)
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October 09, 2012, 01:31 PM
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One of the secrets of Saturday Night Live`s long-running success is that its boss Lorne Michael`s run-of-the-mill liberalism is offset by SNL`s main political writer Jim Downey`s Republicanism. Downey has been especially good at making sure loser Republicans like Bob Dole into crotchety minor heroes. 

But, Obama is off limits. Last month, Michaels announced that he hadn`t been able to figure out anything funny about Obama yet. But, don`t worry, he`s still working on it and will probably come up with something in two or three months.

Now, you might think that last week`s bomb by Obama in the Presidential debate would offer a comic gold mine. But, you`re forgetting the Prime Directive: satire of The One We`ve Been Waiting For is off-limits.

So, here`s a tick-tock of the agonies Downey had to go through to come up with a Presidential debate sketch that (unmentioned premise) wouldn`t violate the Prime Directive.