Where is the NATINTERN?
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My colleague James Kirkpatrick has a good post on the website this morning about European nationalists
like Italy's Matteo Salvini and their transnationalist enemies like France's Emanuel Macron.

James writes:

It is somewhat ironic that the only way separate nations are going to survive is via nationalists working together.

Ironic it may be, but the irony offers organizational and even musical opportunities. In my January 2017 Diary I wrote:

Remember the COMINTERN — the Communist International, founded in 1919 to help spread a worldwide Leninist revolution? Well, how about we start up a NATINTERN? Nationalism is just as subversive of globalist Goodthink as communism was of industrial capitalism.

The hymn of the COMINTERN was of course the Internationale. We need a hymn of our own; to be called, I should think, the Nationale. Surely some nationalist with appropriate musical training can supply the need?

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