Where Did The 19,000 Go?
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Well, not back to where they came from. And they did not go back via U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's northwest offices. The 19,000 decline in removals, or in the popular parlance, deportations, is evidenced by declines in specific regions. Removals in Fiscal Year 2011 declined 22% in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Truly frightening. And enlightening.
"The Associated Press and The Bulletin October 24, 2011
Even so, and despite record-setting deportations nationally, the number of immigrants removed from the Pacific Northwest has dropped to its lowest levels in five years
New figures from the past fiscal year released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement show that 7,607 people were deported from Washington, Oregon and Alaska — a slide of 22 percent from 2010. Moreover, fiscal 2011’s figures are a 30 percent drop from 2008 when more than 10,900 people were removed from the area."
And the reason is the same as it is throughout the U.S., but ICE will only admit to the minor factor in the decline in removals: an increase in removals of criminals and a decline in the number of aliens in detention.
"Local ICE officials declined to be interviewed for this story, but the office said in a statement that the drop in Northwest deportations is due to fewer transfers to the detention center in Tacoma, and because the office has seen an increase in non-detained immigration cases, in which those facing deportation are not incarcerated.
“Generally, it takes considerably longer for the immigration courts to adjudicate non-detained cases, since, for a variety of reasons, detained aliens’ cases receive scheduling priority. Depending on the extent to which a case is appealed, it can take several years before a non-detained alien is actually removed,” the explanation read."
It is much easier to place someone in removal proceedings if the end result is that they stay, either released by leftist hearing officers at the Executive Office for Immigration Review, or the charges are dropped by the Regime as part of its administrative amnesty.
But also of interest is that the missing 19,000 consisted of aliens against which the Regime has no interest in acting:
"That goal shows in the Pacific Northwest numbers. Nearly 70 percent of people removed from the three-state jurisdiction in fiscal 2011 were considered convicted criminals by ICE, something the local office said has been consistent with the agency’s stated enforcement strategy."
The strategy of administering an amnesty for illegal aliens not convicted of other crimes. Many criminals are removed, but at the expense of removing many more other aliens.
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