When the Democrats Send Their Hate Hoaxers, They're Not Sending Their Best
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From the Daily Mail:
Florida man faked a pro-Trump KKK hate crime, set his ex’s car on fire, and then staged his own kidnapping in ransom note covered with his blood

Vincent Palmer III, 27, set his ex-girlfriend Stacie Winn’s car on fire over the weekend after throwing a brick through the window

He also left a note for her and their four children, who are all under the age of five, which had the words ‘KKK’ and ‘Trump’ written on it

‘I HAVE WATHED [ sic ] YOU FOR A LONG TIME YOU AND YOUR N***** KIDS DON’T Belong,’ read the note left at her Ormond Beach, Florida home

Palmer then fled but returned when Winn called him to reveal what happened, at which point he was arrested on a warrant for failure to pay child support

He was released on Sunday at which point he faked how own kidnapping, again implying it was the work of the KKK

Police located him by pinging his telephone and tracing it to a nearby Burger King, at which point he confessed to setting the fire and leaving the note

Seriously, how much damage could a smart, realistic sociopath do when even losers like Crystal Mangum and Tawana Brawley can become national celebrities with their absurd stories? Who has been the most personally formidable hate hoaxer? Jackie Coakley? That’s a pretty low bar.

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