What You Get In Trouble For Is Saying What Everybody Figures Is True
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In contrast, the Vice President of the United States frequently says stuff that makes no sense, but nobody cares because it's just random gibberish. Nobody is offended because it's not true.

What gets you in trouble is when you point out that the emperor has no clothes. As Fox and Tiger pointed out, Hans Christian Anderson was all wrong: the crowd wouldn't laugh at the naked emperor, they'd get really, really mad at the little boy who said it.

From the Daily Mail:

'Immigrants are making our country dumber': Anger as board member of Germany's central bank cites 'ample statistics'

By Allan Hall

A controversial board member of Bundesbank has come under fire for claiming immigrants are making Germany ”dumber in a simple way’.

Thilo Sarrazin told a business group in Frankfurt that people arriving in the country from Turkey, the Middle East and Africa are less educated than those from other nations.

The 65-year-old added: ”There’s a difference in the reproduction of population groups with varying intelligence.’

In his speech this week, Mr Sarrazin, a former finance minister, cited what he called ”ample statistics’ for proof.

He said the fact that immigrants tend to have more children than Germans - who have the lowest birthrate in Europe - meant this caused ”a different propagation of population groups with different intelligence because parents pass their intelligence on to their children’. ...

A spokesman for a Muslim group in Berlin said; ”He is a tired old white Christian male full of prejudice and few ideas.’

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