What Would Police Disengagement With Blacks Look Like?
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What would police disengagement with blacks look like? It's a question worth considering because

  • In a roundabout way, it's what the woke/left/BLM juggernaut wants—and it's getting a lot of what it wants lately
  • Police departments across the country are sensing this might be coming—and may be disengaging already, even if it's not officially announced
  • It could plant seeds for a badly-needed racial disengagement across all of society

The conviction of Derek Chauvin, 2021's biggest sacrifice to the woke gods thus far, will change absolutely nothing about black behavior. In fact, it will make it worse: blacks already get the sense that they can't be touched.

Long before George Floyd, interactions between a white police officer and a black person were tension-loaded grenades.

This is not because white police officers are evil racists, or even because blacks are inherently defective. This is an amygdala-level clash of the animal kingdom that will never be erased by "more training" for police officers.

Don't blame "racism", as the Left does, or "lack of good parenting", as the right does. Blame the deeper biology brought on by differential evolution.

But back to the question. Answering it requires taking a big-picture look at black crime.

I suspect that most black crime is internalized to the black community. Black-on-black murder is a good example. It happens inside the bad black neighborhoods where whites don't tread.

Drugs and guns are big this way—the dealing, the possession and the use are all prohibited by law and fairly easy to prosecute because all that's needed are professional witnesses. This provides the white police department with lots of activity: roll around the neighborhood, look for suspicious activity, and chase people down.

But if police departments ignored the crime cauldron that is the bad black neighborhood, would whites suffer? I guess that in turn depends on the sturdiness of the cauldron.

George Floyd was a drug-crazed large black man trying to pass fake cash at Cup Foods, a Palestinian-run bodega in Minneapolis. The clerk who called police was a teenager—a recent immigrant, according the New York Times. [Why Did Cup Foods Call the Cops on George Floyd?, June 17, 2020]

"Police disengagement" there would have meant that the Palestinian-heritage store owner would be out $20 worth of merchandise. And might eventually shut it down, if blacks could steal or defraud at will.

That would be the result of having Derek Chauvin just get back into his patrol vehicle and leave, if he showed up and saw that the suspect was black. And instead of facing life behind bars, he'd be home with his family right now. [We Can’t Police These People, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 21, 2021]

If a black teenager is smoking marijuana in a black neighborhood, why not just let him?

If a black driver is committing some non-emergency driving violation, why not just send him a ticket, or otherwise make use of technology?

Why expend significant resources to investigate a black-on-black murder? Clearly there's a chasm between how seriously whites take murder (very) and how seriously blacks take murder (it happens).

I assume that 911 calls in black neighborhoods are coming from black people, which creates an unfairness for white police: so you want us to come out and address some problem, but you're going to call us pigs and accuse us of racism no matter what we do when we get there?

And there's a good chance that if we have to use force, we now risk death, mauling by angry inner city crowd, crucifixion by media, arrest, prosecution and conviction?

This is total madness, and makes me wonder why anyone would want to go into police work these days.

Interracial crime is trickier. I do want the police to engage if a black man kills someone in my family.

But there is probably a percentage of black crime for which enforcement doesn't make whites—or any other law-abiding group—safer. And, by "disengaging", we reduce the possibility of grenades going off.


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