What's More Democratic Than The European Union?
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From the New York Times news section:

How the E.U. Allowed Hungary to Become an Illiberal Model

After years of complacency and wishful thinking, Brussels is finally trying to rein in the country’s pugnacious leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

By Steven Erlanger and Benjamin Novak
Jan. 3, 2022

BRUSSELS — … But now Mr. Orban’s defiance and intransigence has had an important, if unintended, effect: serving as a catalyst for an often-sluggish European Union system to act to safeguard the democratic principles that are the foundation of the bloc.

Obviously, the democratic side in this dispute between Hungary and the European Union is that of the Prime Minister of Europe. Who can forget the overwhelming mandate won in the last European Union General Election by Prime Minister of Europe Herr … er … or is it Mademoiselle?

Well, whatever, the details don’t matter. The point is that the Prime Minister of Europe, whoever he or she may be, is democratic. So let me ask you this:

Q. Who was allowed to vote for the Prime Minister of Hungary?

A. Nobody but Hungarians.

So how can that be democratic?

Q. In contrast, who was allowed to vote for the Prime Minister of Europe?

A. Nobody at all.

So that’s much more democratic.

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