What Plans Should America Have Ready to Stymie a Camp of the Saints Here?
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One lesson of the Age of the Smartphone is that foreign flash mobs can quickly probe for weaknesses — physical, tactical, legal, emotional, or ideological — in any country’s defenses, and then try to overwhelm the border with sheer numbers

That suggests to me that America needs to have full plans ahead of time to defend our country against more Camp of the Saints-style assaults of the kind we are seeing in Europe and had a trial run with last year with the Central American “unaccompanied minors.”

We need to have in place buffers to insulate ourselves from the rest of the world. Some, such as Israeli-style fences, take time to build, while others just need to exist as careful contingency plans.

It’s easy to dream up last resort defenses, but what I’m interested in hearing from readers are suggestions for how to stymie mass migration assaults before they get up a head of steam.

For example, after more than a decade of stumbling around, the Australians have finally worked out a complex network of protocols to keep from being inundated by boat people, including arrangements for warehousing intruders with third countries, and this informative Youtube video:

A large part of an American program needs to be to make clear the futility of flash mobbing America.

One obvious job would be to gather intelligence from social media on where migrants are considering forming flash mobs.

(Of course, the downside is that patriotic Americans could hardly trust Obama Administration appointees to use such information for our defense, rather than to encourage and facilitate the infiltrators.)

What are your suggestions (the subtler the better)?

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