What Patriots Can Do If They're Doxed
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The Foundation For The Marketplace of Ideas has posted an essay, obviously with a lawyer's input, about what patriots should do if they are doxed by the increasingly totalitarian Cultural Marxist Left and confronted by their employer. Among other points:
Thirdly, do not take any action by quitting one’s job or responding to the online harassment.  If an employer terminates a victim of doxing, the victim may have a cause of action for tortious interference, in addition to claims for defamation or invasion of privacy that could be raised against their tormentors.  If one’s employer is a government actor and termination—rather than resignation—occurs, a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 civil action may possibly be brought against the employer.  By not responding online, party admissions that could derail a civil action will not be made, and the severity and duration of the doxing will subside sooner rather than later.
Another, heartening, point:
Fifthly, one should promptly and privately consult with an attorney in their state who practices law in the area of civil litigation.  Alt-Right victims of doxing are encouraged to contact the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., for a referral or assistance with locating such a lawyer.  FMI has wealthy donors who are very interested in financially supporting lawsuits against social justice warriors who target Alt-Right activists.
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