What Is Elon Musk's Plan For Reversing The Tyranny Of The Ex-Men?
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The incident that may have outraged Elon Musk into trying to buy Twitter may have been Twitter’s banning of the satirical Christian website The Babylon Bee for joking about the Biden Administration’s Admiral Levine after the ex-high school linebacker was named Woman of the Year by some completely non-satirical publication:

Some things are too sacred to be joked about, so Twitter banned The Bee until they deleted their unholy tweet. They refused and now…here we are.

A remarkably big problem for our culture is that practically every huge tech firm employs a few spergy programmers or other men with strong technical skills, high IQs, and aggressive, nasty personalities who also turn out to have autogynephilia fetishes, which they are now encouraged to bully the rest of the world into validating the reality of their sex fantasies: what I call Ex-Men for the sci-fi comic book overtones.

Keep in mind that a lot of these guys are quite to extremely good at their jobs in the most predominantly male sectors of the firm, such as programming.

Big corporations are held hostage by the complicated needs of this virtually unknown minority. You aren’t supposed to ever mention the truth about them because the truth makes them very angry and you don’t want a high-IQ, self-righteous ex-man angry at you.

The ladies in HR and Marketing love these guys, at least in theory (not being able to code, they don’t deal with them much on the job). The socially acceptable theory believed in by the nice ladies is that the Babylon Bee is punching down at White House public health supremo Admiral Levine, who is, by definition, a poor trembling victim of the bullies at the Bee. So, rather than be laughed off as comical weirdos, the ex-men can now rally large numbers of women employees to their cause.

And if you are a male executive, you don’t want women employees mad at you because the definition of Me, Too-able offenses has gotten awfully broad.

If anybody in business has a good understanding of this problem, Musk might be the one. But it’s not clear what can legally be done about it.

The first step toward a solution is to articulate the problem, which is almost never done.

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