What Hath Immigration Wrought? Voter Fraud In Chinatown!
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Well, voter fraud in Chinatown for certain.

SF DA’s Office Investigating Alleged Ballot Fraud By Ed Lee Supporters

By Dan Schreiber SF Examiner October 24, 2011

Allegations of voter manipulation by an independent committee working on behalf of Mayor Ed Lee are being investigated by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.
Office spokeswoman Stephanie Ong Stillman said the investigation was prompted by information sent Friday by the Department of Elections...
Yet Yee campaign worker Andy Li said that when he canvassed two apartment complexes earlier this month, he was told by several residents that they’d already returned ballots to their building managers. Li said the residents reported that Lee supporters came into their homes, showed a video about the mayor, then helped them fill out ballots.
One of the buildings — a 60-unit apartment at 1303 Larkin Street — is managed by the Chinatown Community Development Center. The organization’s primary consultant, Rose Pak, and former executive director, Gordon Chin, were instrumental in the campaign to encourage Lee to run for a full mayoral term.

Gen Fujioka, the center’s public policy manager, said building managers are strictly forbidden from “taking part in any electoral activity” and that he has contacted Yee’s campaign for more information about the claims, which he surmised were “based on some misunderstanding.”

Election fraud. What do you expect from the son of an illegal alien, bringing Chinese style corruption to the U.S.

Mayor Ed Lee: What's In A Name?

Heather Knight, Chronicle Staff Writer San Francisco Chronicle August 29, 2011

Shortly after Ed Lee became interim mayor in January, the rumor spread around Chinatown. When he announced earlier this month that he was running for a four-year term, the gossip began again. Lee, the whisperers said at banquets and festivals, was not a Lee at all.
While the mayor vows he is really and truly a Lee, the hubbub offers a window into the fascinating world of Chinatown's powerful family associations, its sometimes heartbreaking history, and the significance and transience of its residents' surnames.
This much is true: The mayor's full name is Edwin Mah Lee, and his father, Gok Suey Lee, was born in the Toishan district of Guandong province in southern China.
This much is also true: As a Lee, the mayor is a member of the prominent Lee Family Association, the largest of dozens of family associations in Chinatown.
Formed in the 1800s as social-service organizations for new immigrants, they're based on surnames that tell where in China one was born. There are roughly 10,000 Lees in San Francisco, an expected boost for the mayor at the ballot box...

The Chinatown gossip has it that the mayor is trading on a powerful name that isn't his own - that his father was born a Mah or a Mar, variants of the same name, and immigrated to the United States as a "paper son," buying his way into a Lee family already established here.

This is no surprise, as Ed Lee is a big advocate of illegal immigration.

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