What Does It Take For The MSM To Put "Illegal Immigrant" In A Headline? The President's Uncle!
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What does it take for the MSM to put "illegal immigrant" in a headline? The President's uncle! Let me explain this—most of the time the most important, the most newsworth,  thing about an illegal immigrant drunk  driver is the fact that he is an illegal alien. Therefore, that's the one thing they never mention in a headline.

But in the case of Omar Onyango, the most important, the most newsworthy thing about him is that his nephew is the President of the United States. Which is why the report in the MetroWest Daily Newsis headed Cops: Illegal Immigrant Drove Drunk in Framingham, By Norman Miller, August 26, 2011, instead of Cops: President's Uncle Drove Drunk in Framingham, which is what they would say if they cared more about informing their readership than not offending people.

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