Romney Plans To Beat Perry on The Immigration Issue
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Romney's no immigration restrictionist stalwart, but you don't have be that good to get Rick Perry's right on immigration—see Rick Perry—Another Texas Governor for Amnesty, by Washington Watcher.

Mark Thiessen reports from New Hampshire:

"The Romney campaign also plans to use immigration to drive a wedge between Perry and his conservative base, by highlighting Perry’s opposition to a border fence and legislation he signed in 2001 allowing the children of illegal immigrants to attend Texas colleges and universities at in-state tuition. Without mentioning Perry by name, Romney pointed out at a town hall here in Dover that he vetoed similar legislation as governor of Massachusetts, declaring, “If you say, guess what, if you come here illegally, your kids will get [in-state tuition], that draws more people here illegally.” Romney strategists believe the immigration issue will be devastating for Perry with Tea Party Republicans across the country — and especially in important primary states like Arizona."[Romney’s plan to beat Perry, By Marc A. Thiessen,Washington Post, August 29, 2011]

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