What Color Is...
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Kate at Small Dead Animals writes

Not being a progressive, I don't keep up with the latest in meaningless gestures. What colour is the baseball bat ribbon?

Kate is a Sarah Palin type female (Canadian division) who doesn't   think much of Canadian gun control.

And gun control certainly wouldn't have prevented the crime she's linking to: Girl, 15, dies after vicious daylight beating at B.C. park Postmedia News Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010

My query is—what color is the criminal? Press and Police both know, but sometimes they  won't say.The Delta,BC police are seeking a person of interest, not necessarily a suspect, but someone who was in the park, and when the press description lacked that detail, I went to the official version

As a result of initial investigative efforts the Delta Police are looking to speak to a person who may have information that may further our investigation. The description gathered is brief but police are asking anyone who recognizes this person or if you are this person to contact the Delta Police Department...

And here's the description:

Desc: male, 16-25 yrs old, medium build wearing a white short sleeve shirt and cargo style shorts to the knees. The male had what is believed to be a back pack on his back and was either on the phone or texting while walking out of the park...

That's the official police description, PDF. I don't see how a witness could see a man in cargo shorts and t-shirt and not know what color his skin was.

Of course the description sounds like a stereotypical British Columbia white guy, (t-shirt, cargo shorts, backpack) and it's possible that Delta, BC is so white a community that the police just forgot. (Hat tip, Kathy Shaidle.)

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