What Are These "White Supremacist Gangs" Of Which The MSM Screeches?
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It's doubtful the MSM has any standard for what constitutes a "white supremacist"—being part of anything exclusively white, combined with Nazi tattoos, probably does the trick. Actual political or scientific beliefs—if there are any at all—probably don't count.

The lowlifes currently accused of killing Colorado officials—known as the "211 Crew"—probably qualify.

But the defense attorney in me can't help but wonder: why aren't exclusively black or Hispanic gangs ever referred to as "supremacist"?

Some are—the Five Percenters is an example of a black and truly "supremacist" outfit.

But standard-issue Bloods and Crips, for instance, are obviously highly unlikely to ever admit a white person, yet they are merely "gangs." Ditto all the shades of Hispanic gangs, like the Latin Kings, the Mexican Mafia, and so on—all of which have their racial exclusivity stamped into their very names.

The "211 Crew", meanwhile, seems to have formed out of pure necessity: protection of whites in prison. Founding criminal Benjamin Davis had no designs on reinstituting black slavery or a library filled with tomes by Madison Grant. Rather, he had his jaw broken by a black inmate and, looking around, noticed that whites were without protection:

His perception was that the Hispanic jail population and the African-American jail population were well enough organized that they could protect each other against assault or homicide attempts by other race members," a psychologist wrote in court documents. "He became convinced that if he was going to make it in prison, he would need to organize enough people of similar beliefs that they could protect each other from the Black and Hispanic gangs

211 Crew prison gang's violent culture roils behind, beyond bars, By Kirk Mitchell, Sadie Gurman and Karen Crummy, MercuryNews.com, March 27, 2013.

Another example: Here's one white prison gang started because they wouldn't let the founder join the Black Guerrilla Family.

This is survival, not supremacism. Pure reaction.  It's like calling a Jewish businessman a "Jewish supremacist" because the WASP country club wouldn't let him in and he started his own club, which in turn became exclusively Jewish. 

The current actions of the "211 Crew" are simple violent lawlessness, and distinctly lacking in any sort of political overtone. The victims here are all white—and the sort of law-and-order whites who spend most of their time putting blacks and Hispanics in prison and keeping them there. You'd think a "white supremacist" would be shaking their hands.

If you don't believe that, fine. But does anyone think that black or Hispanic gangs wouldn't be happy achieving some kind of "supremacy" in prison? Why aren't they black or Hispanic "supremacists"? 

The MSM demonizes anything white as "supremacist"because admitting the possibility that any exclusively white grouping has any justification whatsoever just isn't going to happen.  It just happens to be pretty easy to be mindless when the whites in question are pure thugs willing to kill anyone of any race who gets in their way. 

My non-violent request: the MSM should drop its mindless use of the term "supremacist". 

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