Mexican Ambassador Medina-Mora Talks Up Immigration at MPI Conference
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Eduardo Medina-Mora, another white Mexican elitist, is now serving as Mexican ambassador to the U.S. (see here). This gives him plenty of opportunities to meddle, especially considering that our own government has no problem with Mexican meddling.

Speaking at a conference hosted by MPI, (the Migration Policy Institute), Medina-Mora was talking up the prospects for amnesty:

Eduardo Medina-Mora, the Ambassador of Mexico to the United States, expressed optimism Friday [April 5th] over American lawmakers’ efforts to reform the immigration system.

Amnesty, in other words.

“The demographic performance moving forward is looking much better, precisely because [the U.S. has] a culture and social dynamic that can actually embrace immigration and integrate immigration more effectively than anywhere else in the world,” Medina-Mora said during a discussion hosted by the Migration Policy Institute on the future of U.S.-Mexican immigration policy. “You are a country of immigrants and this is what has really driven the greatness of this country.”

What does Medina-Mora mean by the "demographic performance moving forward"? It's an awkward construction, but my guess is the ambassador is referring to the explosive growth in the Hispanic population. And hey, if Medina-Mora believes that being "a country of immigrants" is "what has really driven the greatness of this country" then why not promote mass immigration to Mexico?

In May 2013, President Obama will visit Mexico. Medina-Mora said that he believes it will “set the tone for the next four years.” During the visit, President Obama and Mexico’s foreign ministry will address border infrastructure, trade, immigration and citizen security.

Thanks for the warning.

Immigration reform is expected to take center stage when Congress reconvenes next week.Mexican Ambassador Expresses Optimism Over Immigration Reform Charlotte, Gibson, Talk Radio News Service, April 5, 2013
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