Wednesday's One Old Vet Amnesty Story Collection: 20. Drudge 1 (Several Times).
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No Amnesty

H/T One Old Vet

On Wednesday afternoon One Old Vet posted a compendium of 20 Amnesty Related stories.

These included one of the best and most succinct denunciations of Amnesty I have come across: Another GOP Governor Supports Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants By Judson Phillips The Christian Post February 27, 2013

What is it about Republican elected officials? They want to commit political suicide. The only problem is that they want to take the nation with them. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has come out in favor of political suicide by supporting a pathway for citizenship for illegal aliens.

What is it about Republicans and their desire to be a permanent minority?

Giving illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship is going to create a pool of at least five to ten million new Democrat voters.

Phillips fluently denounces the machinations of the Cheap Labor Lobby and concludes
…the influx of 10 to 20 million illegal's who will receive amnesty will not only set up a permanent Democrat majority but will also bankrupt the nation as all social programs will cost phenomenally more.

The Cloward-Piven strategy is a liberal strategy created to bring down the state by putting demands on the system that cannot possibly be satisfied.

Amnesty is the ultimate expression of Cloward-Piven and the result will be the total collapse of the United States.

A surprising and significant piece is Republicans & Immigration  By Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online February 26,2013. This very long (1,680 word) essay is easily the most negative on the recent influx I can remember Hanson allowing himself to be. Hispanic anti-Republicanism he says
…can be only reduced, not solved, by kinder, gentler language and outreach to Latino groups, for in the end it is an existential issue well beyond trimming
He skeptical of the wisdom of trying to co operate with Obama
...the president and his immigration supporters …purpose is not to institute comprehensive immigration reform, but to demand amnesty, to renege on its prerequisites, to blame Republicans for the failure of compromise, to demagogue the issue in the next election, and to rest content with the continuance of the present non-system that has so greatly benefited both professional ethnics and Democratic operatives.
Eight years ago similar discursiveness produced acquiescence in the Bush Amnesty push. It seems clear, as I noted in Rubio's Amnesty: Even NR's Rich Lowry Balks, that the NRO crowd are absolutely unwilling to repeat their error of the Bush years and alienate their base.

Does the Congressional GOP have ADD too badly to care about theirs?

The Drudge Report carried several accounts of the criminal alien release scandal which so annoyed Rush Limbaugh today. The emails must really be flooding in about this.

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