Wednesday's One Old Vet Amnesty Collection 24. Drudge 2
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H/T One Old Vet

One Old Vet returned to the compendium format on Wednesday, carrying 24 Amnesty related headlines in one post.

As usual, several others were featured separately, including Peter Brimelow’ recent essay. (Thanks, OOV.)

One I have mixed feelings about is National Review Online’s tepidly titled Illegal Immigration and Black Unemployment By Peter Kirsanow & Clarissa Mulder February 18 2013

As politicians rush to grant effective amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, there’s one aspect of the “debate” over the issue that receives almost no attention from members of either party: the demonstrably deleterious effect illegal immigration has on the employment and wage levels of low-skilled Americans, particularly blacks…

Blacks, particularly black men, are disproportionately concentrated in the low-skill labor market and are disproportionately likely to have no more than a high-school diploma. Likewise, illegal immigrants are disproportionately male and also disproportionately likely to have minimal educational levels. Both groups compete with one another in the low-skill labor market …Blacks frequently lose that competition, crowded out by illegal immigrants who, for various reasons, are preferred by many employers…

…a study done by an economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta estimated that “as a result of the growth in the share of undocumented workers, the annual earnings of the average documented worker in Georgia in 2007 were 2.9 percent ($980) lower than they were in 2000. . . . Annual earnings for the average documented worker in the leisure and hospitality sector in 2007 were 9.1 percent ($1,520) lower than they were in 2000.”

Of course this is quite true, and it is also very encouraging because it suggests the NR management really fears annoying its readers as they did in 2007.

But it is still the familiar neoconservative exploitation of Blacks. The same argument can equally made for marginal whites – but at NRO would get the author Derbyshired.

The Drudge Report improved its Amnesty coverage a bit. Links to both McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents by Cristina Silva AP Feb 19 2013 and the Daily Caller’s very powerful   USDA/Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don’t worry, food stamps won’t affect citizenship chances by Caroline May 02/18/2013 were left up quite some time. Sample quote from the latter

The USDA/Mexico partnership started in 2004 under the Bush administration. Since that time, USDA personnel have met more than 150 times with the Mexican government to promote American nutrition-assistance programs….

An analysis of March 2011 Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey data by Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies, revealed that heads of households born in Mexico are the most likely nationality to be on some form of food assistance, with 45.3 percent reporting use of food assistance.

By comparison, 13.9 percent of native-born Americans reported using food assistance, and in general 24.1 percent of all immigrant household heads report some food assistance use.

Nostalgia for the old Drudge coverage erupts!

But takes comfort that Drudge, like NR, worries about wrecking its franchise.

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