HUMAN EVENTS Agrees: Kagan Must Be Filibustered.
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Refreshingly, all but one Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee voted against Elena Kagan today: Judiciary panel OKs Elena Kagan for Supreme Court By Julie Hirschfield Davis Associated Press July 20th 2010

The exception was prize RINO Lindsey Graham (Scalawag- SC) who was quoted in the story above saying:

President Obama, I think chose wisely.

Shades of his Kennedy Worship! Chuck Baldwin was right: South Carolina Republicans disgraced themselves re electing this embarrassment in 2008.

As a result of Graham's action, President

Obama hailed the vote as a "bipartisan affirmation of her strong performance" in confirmation hearings

raising once again questions about his numeracy.

The vote, however was encouraging in that the real Republicans appear to have graduated from being inhibited by reverence for the judiciary to treating the Kagan nomination for what it is: the inevitably politicized inauguration of a super legislator: a Priest King.

Alabama's Jeff Sessions published a superb discussion of Kagan today: Opposing view on the Supreme Court: A big-government vision USA Today July 20th 2010

The American people...reject judges who use their power to impose their own political views - liberal or conservative - on the nation.

Throughout her career, Ms. Kagan has placed her politics above the law.

She has never been a judge, never tried a case before a jury and has practiced law for only three years. She is the least experienced nominee in the last half-century

...when asked at the hearing, Ms. Kagan was unable to identify any constitutional limits on the government's power to control people's economic decisions.

...No senator should vote to confirm an individual to any court who lacks fidelity to the law.

Yesterday I suggested that Kagan be filibustered: and I believe the account of her explicit rejection at her hearings of any need to be bound by the Constitution - as recounted by Bloomberg: Kagan Says Justices Aren't Umpires in Departure From Roberts By Greg Stohr and Laura Litvan July 01, 2010 - is sufficient cause.

I am pleased to say Human Events has come to the same conclusion: Republican Senators Must Filibuster Elena Kagan by Erick Erickson 07/19/2010

...senators need to look no further than Kagan's record on the Commerce Clause and the constitutional right of all Americans to use a firearm to defend themselves
...Is there any reason to believe that Kagan would not pull a "Sotomayor" and vote to remove the 2nd Amendment from mandatory incorporation for the states?
...Elena Kagan is too radical for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Senators would be committing a high act of confirmation treason if they allow this nominee to go on the court without attempting to filibuster her nomination.

With, as I noted yesterday, a real chance that the November elections will at least mortally wound Democratic control of the Senate, and 61% of Republican voters already hostile to Kagan, filibustering this dangerous woman is an opportunity as well as a duty

Where is National Review?

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