Watch Reconquistas Chant IN SPANISH As Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill Passes Judiciary!
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Hispanic Reconquistas broke into chanting in Spanish as the Senate Judiciary Committee reported the Gang of 8's Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill out yesterday afternoon. ‘Yes we can’ chant breaks out as Senate panel passes immigration bill, by Jeff Poor, The Daily Caller, May 21 2013.

Chairman Patrick Leahy, looking all of his 73 years, appears surprised but gestures ineffectually for the chanters to come up to the podium.

These white liberals are in for a huge shock when the immigrants they fawn on take control of their party.

Patrick Cleburne recently urged us to reread Mark In Mexico's essay on Mexican political culture The Last Word On Mexico. I was particularly struck by this passage:
A Mexican believes that his rights extend as far as he can push or bully his way. That the extension of his rights might be deleterious to society as a whole is a thought which never crosses his mind. A basic lack of civility abounds.
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