Washington's Gay Mafia: "It's Kind Of Like Being A Mormon Or Something!"
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From Slate, via Gucci Little Piggy:

Marc Ambinder: How Washington's Gay Mafia Helped My Career
By Robert Wright | Posted Monday, June 4, 2012, at 7:34 PM ET
Veteran journalist Marc Ambinder has left Washington after years of political reporting and is ready to share some of the city's secrets. Here he explains why DC is a place where being gay can bring significant career advantages:

Ambinder describes the advantages of being a gay media figure in Washington D.C. as "tribal."

I don't have time to transcribe what the gay reporter says about the advantages he enjoyed in his career as part of the D.C. gay mafia, but it would be nice to have it in text as part of the searchable permanent record.

As a long time fan of what Artie told Phil on The Larry Sanders Show, I particularly like how Wright responds to Ambinder's confessions: "It's kind of like being a Mormon or something!"

By the way, the generally accepted storyline is that the war over gay marriage is between a powerless, marginalized, oppressed minority and the well-organized, oppressive majority. An alternative conception is that converts to the cause of gay marriage tend to be the folks who know which way the wind is blowing and sense it is prudent to pay tribute to the rise of gay power by aligning themselves with the better organized side, while the opponents of gay marriage tend to be yokels who don't have a clue about how things really work.

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