Was Bathroom Rape Case Sandbagged By (Elected) Prosecutor In Democratic Bastion Maryland For Political Reasons?
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H/T Pic Montgomery County MD website.

I fear that James Fulford in Narrative Collapse In Bathroom Rape By Hispanic Teens? Not Really is showing too much faith in the integrity of American Prosecutors.

In this case the Prosecutor in Maryland has accepted the age-old rapist defense: the girl provoked/wanted it. Normally this would cause him to be eviscerated by enraged Feminists and the fact that he is not afraid of this fate is revealing. This is a political decision and is such good news for the Left that the Feminist Gestapo will give him a pass.

For VDARE.com readers the information that prosecutors make questionable decisions because of political influences is familiar. Recently we documented the egregious overcharging and over-prosecution in the Michael Slager case. The classic example which should never be forgotten is the Duke Lacrosse Hoax.

These were cases were prosecutions were launched to gratify the Black community. (And it works the other way as I noted in Trump Right About Central Park 5 – And Who Else Is Brave Enough To Say So?)

But immigration and the immigrant community are starting to wield the same evil influence. Anonymous Attorney reported just last month Hispanic Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez Plans Rig Illegals’ Criminal Charges To Prevent Deportation. What Will Black Criminal (And Their Lawyers) Think

The Democrats are now a committed ‘No Borders’ Party. Just look at their frantic efforts to prevent the Border Wall. They are determined to elect a New People.

This Maryland rape case was EXTREMELY inconvenient for the Democratic agenda on immigration - the suspects were illegals. Maryland is a Democratic stronghold - Trump only got 34% of the vote in the State.  Judging by his website, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy (an elected official), who handled the case, is a dedicated ethnic groveller.

Think about it.

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