War On The Border Patrol, #GamerGate Edition—Female Border Patrol Agents Needed To Comfort Illegal Alien Women
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Third Wave Feminism has been waging a war on men and anything associated with maleness, whether it be computer programming or heterosexuality.  Law enforcement has been a particular but in the long-term unsuccessful target for first and second wave feminists.

Just as women have little or no interest in advanced mathematics and computer programming, women also have little interest in the fighting for their lives against dangerous thugs, as the the heroic Darren Wilson did against Michael Brown.  Most women who get into law enforcement do so for the good salary, but have few of the skills and abilities to be a good patrol officer.

Long hours, shift work, inclement weather, and the very dangerous clientele, as well as the physical confrontations that are a daily part of uniformed police work make the 95% of police work unattractive to most women.

Heterosexual women are ill-suited to uniformed police work, mostly because of their inability to deal with the physical aspects of law enforcement, especially when it comes to putting someone in handcuffs who doesn't want to be in handcuffs.  There is a small clique of women who are successful at such police work, most are high testosterone lesbians, the butch type, who for the most part acculturate to the masculine aspects of the law enforcement profession.  They can be just one of the boys.

However, they are few and far between.  Women in law enforcement are more successful as investigators; Special Agents in the Federal government, investigators or detectives in State or local agencies.  These subcategories of the law enforcement profession are less physically oriented, where the mind is the primary muscle, especially in white-collar criminal investigations.

Still, men predominate in the 1811 category in the Federal civil service, the primary occupational specialty dealing with criminal investigations, mostly dealing with white-collar crime.  Even fewer women are involved in the demanding positions in the 1811 category that includes highly dangerous positions, such as Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Special Agents who routinely go undercover to infiltrate and take down drug trafficking organizations.  Few women want that danger and even less the long hours.  The DEA is a man's job.  And similarly, so is another Federal law profession, this in the occupational specialty for the United States Border Patrol, the 1896 category, Border Patrol Agent.

The sex (not gender) ratio is significantly more imbalanced in favor of men than in other Federal law enforcement jobs.  Not surprisingly as the BPA has the most physically demanding job in Federal law enforcement and perhaps compared to any other law enforcement agency.

However, the Social Justice Warrior (SWJ) 3rd Wave feminists have infiltrated the upper management of the parent component of the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  And combined with Obama Regime amnesty proponents, have decided to feminize the USBP and remake the USBP mission from one of arresting and deporting illegal aliens, to babysitting and welcoming illegal aliens.

Federal News Radio December 30, 2014 by Michael O'Connell
5,500 Women Apply To Join Border Patrol
Customs and Border Protection has been steadily increasing the number of its border patrol agents. But recently the agency commissioned a recruitment drive aimed at boosting the ranks of female agents.

Only about 5 percent of the border patrol's 21,000 agents are women. But with more and more women trying to cross the Mexican border, CBP officials think having more women agents could help.

CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske told Federal Drive with Tom Temin that the border patrol has received 5,500 applications from women as part of its recent recruitment effort.
Aside from the patent illegality and unconstitutionality of a female only hiring policy, this rationalization is, of course, nonsense.  The predominately male cadre of BPAs handled the summer crisis in the Lower Rio Grande Valley just fine, it was the Obama Regime that failed to deal with the crisis by accommodating the illegal aliens, failed to use expedited removal to solve the problem, and encouraged the crisis to expand and continue by not deporting the illegal alien border crossers.

The USBP has been arresting female and minor illegal aliens for over 100 years and there is no pressing need for women who for good reason only make up 5% of the BPA cadre; they aren't very good at the job and don't like the demanding working conditions, especially when the rocks start flying and the illegal aliens start fighting.  Like it or not, women don't do well when the bullets start flying, as true for the USBP or any State or local agency.

And we get the communist propaganda on women in law enforcement, not only are they as good as men, they are even better!  Which, by the way, is not born out by experience nor any real studies.

Kerlikowske pointed to research that shows women in law enforcement not only perform just as well as men but actually do a better job than men in some areas.
"They do exactly the same jobs as the male border patrol agents, so the hiring process, the screening, the selection, the training is all very much the same," he said. "But women bring a perspective and negotiating skill to law enforcement and to the border patrol that we very much need."
I don't know the "perspective" Kerlikowske is talking about, but I do know that the so-called "negotiating skill" that he is talking about does not exist and is useless in law enforcement. Just ask Kizzy Adoni, the black female officer who failed at negotiating with Eric Garner.  So much for that vaunted sex based skill-set.

But the Third Wave feminist SWJ is not the only reason Kerlikowske wants more female BPAs.  He wants them because he doesn't want the male aggressiveness needed in law enforcement in general, and immigration law enforcement on the border in particular.  In Kerlikowske's Border Patrol, job one will not be arresting illegals, but processing them for release:

On the Mexican border, many of the people that agents encounter are coming from traumatic situations. Last summer, 50 women reported being sexually assaulted by human traffickers.
"They come often times from a country where law enforcement often is not seen as a trusted partner and a friend and an organization that can help them," Kerlikowske said. "And so, when they see the agents in uniform, we need to establish a level of trust and a level of confidence to these people that have gone through really a horrendous journey to make it into the United States, and we need to make them feel safe. Women do a great job at that."
That, my fellow Americans, is not the purpose of the U.S. Border Patrol. It is not to welcome illegal aliens, it is not to establish trust with illegal aliens, it is not to make illegal aliens feel safe, it is to deport them.

And fifty rapes out of 60,000 illegal aliens arrested in the Lower Rio Grande Valley is not any reason to hire female BPAs.  And it appears Kerlikowske admits law enforcement ability is a male virtue, while it is in the nature of females to nurture and establish bonds of safety.  Which is good if a woman is bearing and raising children, their function in life, while the nature of men is the guard and protect the weaker of the species.  This should drive Third Wave feminists mad, but they are mysteriously quiet when comes to female stereotypes held by the government when it benefits illegal aliens allowed in by a Regime intending to elect a new people.

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