War On Christmas: The Daily Beast's Bullets
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In Patrick Cleburne's post below, he mentions that Asawin Suebsaeng  [Email him] has written for the Daily Beast an article called Happy Festivus! Why I’m for the War on Christmas, [December 23, 2014] a  "throwback to the early days of the War Against Christmas when direct statements of unalloyed animosity were quite common."

The DAILY BEAST also has an article by David Freedlander about Dwayne Bohacs's Texas "Merry Christmas" law, designed to protect schoolteachers from ACLU pressure not to say Merry Christmas, or even admit it exists:

Fighting for ‘Normal’

December 24, 2014

A Field General in the War on Christmas

Outraged when his first-grader came home from school talking about a ‘holiday tree,’ Texas lawmaker Dwayne Bohac vowed to bring back ‘Christmas freedom.’ And he’s succeeding.

Freedlander's story includes a certain amount of War On Christmas Denial:

In Bohac’s story of picking his son up from school, it is unclear whether those teachers who called their evergreens “holiday trees” were doing so out of fear of legal action. They could, after all, have just been trying to make a gesture toward inclusiveness.

But the really impressive thing about it is this graphic:


Yes, it's "War On Happy Holidays!" The great American, and Texan, tradition of saying "Happy Holidays!" is under assault by Texans with guns, possibly wearing cowboy hats.

The violence of this graphic reminds me of my last year's post SALON Magazine (A) Admits To Fighting The War On Christmas And (B) Brings Grenades, in which Salon's Daniel Denvir wrote  There really is a war on Christmas! | And it's being fought by some of the bravest atheists in the country, nonbelievers in rural areas and the heartland and included this graphic:


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