War On Christmas Starts Early In Santa Monica
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Just as Walgreens has started the Christmas season well before Thanksgiving, so the War On Christmas is off to the races.  And none too surprisingly  Santa Monica is in the lead.
Christian Science Monitor November 19, 2012 by Gillian Flaccus

Nativity Display Lawsuit: Atheists vs. Christians in Santa Monica

Nativity display lawsuit: A 60-year Christmas tradition ended in Santa Monica this year. But California churches have filed a lawsuit to bring back the Nativity display in a Santa Monica park.

Damon Vix didn't have to go to court to push Christmas out of the city of Santa Monica. He just joined the festivities.

The atheist's anti-God message alongside a life-sized nativity display in a park overlooking the beach ignited a debate that burned brighter than any Christmas candle.

Santa Monica officials snuffed the city's holiday tradition this year rather than referee the religious rumble, prompting churches that have set up a 14-scene Christian diorama for decades to sue over freedom of speech violations. Their attorney will ask a federal judge Monday to resurrect the depiction of Jesus' birth, while the city aims to eject the case.

"It's a sad, sad commentary on the attitudes of the day that a nearly 60-year-old Christmas tradition is now having to hunt for a home, something like our savior had to hunt for a place to be born because the world was not interested," said Hunter Jameson, head of the nonprofit Santa Monica Nativity Scene Committee that is suing.

And it looks like the atheists and immigrants are winning.
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