New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez Wants Amnesty and for GOP to Pander to Hispanics
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New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez won the admiration of many of us for her opposition to driver's licenses for illegal aliens. However, last May she attacked Romney for being too tough on illegal immigration. (She needn't have worried). Her post-election comments are in the same vein:

From Fox News Latino:

Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has her own message of hope and change for the GOP following Mitt Romney's defeat on Election Day.

The first Latina governor in U.S. history and the most prominent Latina in the Republican party criticized Mitt Romney's campaign rhetoric, her party's approach to the Hispanic community, and pushed the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" = Amnesty.

Martinez, who was mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate, criticized Romney's most recent comments that said Obama won over minority and young voters because he offered "gifts" to them...

Martinez criticized Republicans as well, implying that her party isn't diverse enough.

"We have to start electing people who look like their communities all the way from county commissioners ...up into national politics," she said....

Why? So they can agitate for amnesty too? You can read the whole article at Susana Martinez Rips Mitt Romney, Wants GOP Latino Outreach to Change (Fox News Latino, Nov. 16th, 2012).

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