War On Christmas, Racial Justice Edition: "Do The Holidays Need To Be A Celebration of Whiteness?"
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Liberty Counsel, a Christian organization which has been fighting against the War on Christmas since Boxing Day, 1989 has a post on their website called MI Schools’ Racial Christmas Directives Are Unconstitutional,November 27, 2023:

Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to Superintendent David Hornak of Holt Public Schools in Michigan regarding the unconstitutional bans on Christmas holiday symbols, decorations, and expression contained in a so-called “Racial Guide” sent to teachers in 2021, 2022, and any that will be published this year. As a result of multiple complaints from teachers, Liberty Counsel has demanded the school district retract the “Decentering Christmas”/“Holiday Celebrations”/“Racial Justice Guide” email published December 3, 2021, “Winter Celebrations Communications FAQ” published December 2, 2022, and any similar  unconstitutional bans and directives promulgated in 2023. 

Instead of being “inclusive,” these directives are rooted in Critical Race Theory and promote a hatred for and discriminate against Christianity and associated holidays, such as Christmas. They violate school policy, the First Amendment, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by showing hostility on the basis of religion and on the basis of race.

On December 3, 2021, the school district’s then-Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Matt Morales sent an email entitled “Holiday Celebrations” to teachers which included: 

Many students, teachers, and staff may express excitement during the upcoming weeks as we look forward to having an extended break and possibly engaging in holiday activities. While this may be an exciting time for many people, others may lack a sense of belonging. As we continue our commitment toward creating a more inclusive learning community with intentional equity work, I want to provide additional opportunities for reflection and growth. Therefore, I ask that you review the meaning of Decentering Christmas and the reflection questions provided below. While reviewing this material, please understand that a diverse display of non-religious celebrations demonstrates support for the winter season and the importance of community.

A fascinating thing about this is that, as Liberty Counsel points out, the school district links to:

A Racial Justice Guide to the Winter Holiday Season for Educators and Families—Center for Racial Justice in Education (Includes an extensive list of resources.)

This resource, as tweeted below, includes a solid 113 anti-Christmas, anti-white, pro-Muslim, pro-Kwanzaa, and pro-Mexican Christmas tradition links.

While there are many links on how to not celebrate Christmas, there are 10 links on ”Celebrating Los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day) and the Winter Holiday Season.”

This is actually Epiphany, January 6,  or Twelfth Night, and it’s just as Christian a feast as Christmas or Easter, but it gets promoted because it’s a Big Deal in Mexico.

Here are the anti-Christian links:

Christian Privilege, Hegemony, and the Winter Holiday Season:

Emphases added. The Starbucks link above is about telling people not to fight the War on Christmas, because it’s insane to do so, and How Non-Christians Know There’s No War on Christmas is typical War on Christmas Denial.

As I’ve said before,  the idea that the War on Christmas doesn’t exist is so insane that, as the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Jordan Lorence said once, ”I feel like Neil Armstrong listening to someone argue that NASA faked my Apollo moon landing!”

But they also have a section on ”Whiteness and the Holidays”:

Of course, this is anti-white and anti-Christian, and the Civil Rights laws as written forbid it. But it’s only a few small outfits like Liberty Counsel that complain about it, while any anti-black or ”Islamophobic” actions by a school board will attract the full force of the Biden Justice Department.

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