War On Christmas Gets Reported - From Israel
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Safed Tree

Safed College Christmas tree before suppression

As Peter Brimelow noted in his essay this year on the War Against Christmas, reporting War On Christmas incidents appears to be taboo now in the MSM:

…there is now strikingly little actual MSM reporting of the Khristmaskampf atrocities, and what little there is remains local. (Which is a reversion to the pre-2000 phase of the War—see below).

This repression, of course, is the pattern perfected by MSM news managers for handling black crime. Perhaps significantly, the one MSM outlet that regularly breaks the embargo and reports on black crime—the London-based Daily Mail—has also been one of the best MSM sources of stories from the Christmas battlefront.

But this year, alas, the Daily Mail seems to have fallen silent: all we have found recently was Parents declare war on Christmas by branding caroling at school a form of bullying (by Leslie Larson, December 18 2012)

The taboo does not work for the admittedly motivated blog The Electronic Intifada which has helpfully provided a set of Christmas suppression stories from Israel - Forbidden to celebrate: Israel’s war on Christmas continues despite Netanyahu’s claim of tolerance by Ali Abunimah 12/25/2012 -  complete with documenting links:

Palestinian Christian students at Safad Academic College in the Galilee. There, students who could not get home for the holidays bought a Christmas tree and set it up outside their dorm.

But in the evening when they got back from class, they found the tree was gone, Israel’s Walla! News reported.

The account continues that when

Gabriel Mansour, 24, a third-year political science student, identified by Walla! as a representative of Arab students… investigated, he was told by college officials that the tree had been hidden lest it spark riots among the Jewish students.

Another story:

Publicly visible Christmas tree could “injure the souls of Jews”

When the Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem this year put up a small Christmas tree near the Jaffa Gate, there were strong protests from rabbis. Occupation municipality city council member Rabbi Shmuel Yitzhaki told settler news website Arutz 7 that the display was a “desecration” and a “grave offense against the Jewish people” and that it was “inconceivable” that a Christmas tree should be allowed in a “public place” where it might be seen by Jews on their way to pray at the Western Wall in eastern occupied Jerusalem.

(Both the stories linked to by The Electronic Intifada are in Hebrew but Google Translate works reasonably well.)

I noted an Ynet News account of this campaign at the end of my Dec 13 2009 blog War against Christmas: Getting Serious

Is it possible these attitudes have travelled to the New World?



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