War On Christmas Comes Early In Wausau: School Board Cracks Down On "Silent Night"
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Although the October weather is still mild, and we haven't even had the War On Thanksgiving yet, the War on Christmas is coming early to Wausau, Wisconsin.

One sacred song for every five secular songs? Wisconsin school district cracks down on Christmas music

By Todd Starnes

Todd's American Dispatch

Published October 08, 2013


The Wausau, Wis. School District says it’s okay to jingle bells and don gay apparel but lay off the Baby Jesus stuff – and that has parents and students ready to deck somebody’s halls.

The community became enraged after the elementary schools canceled their upcoming Christmas concerts and the school district issued guidelines that curtailed the number of sacred holiday songs the high school choir could perform.

Phil Buch, the director of the Wausau West High School choir programs since 1981, told the Wausau Daily Herald that he was given three choices after meeting with school officials about the upcoming yuletide season.

He was told the choirs could perform one sacred song for every five secular songs performed; eliminate all Christmas music or postpone December concerts.

He was also reportedly told that the district had to approve every musical selection. Instead, Buch announced that he was temporarily disbanding the school’s elite choir. School Board member Pat McKee told me it’s nothing short of a war on Christmas.

“When you look at it on the surface, it’s hard to argue against that train of thought,” he said.

“People are justifiably making that correlation – that it’s a war on Christmas.”

McKee said he doesn’t blame parents, teachers and students for being upset.

“People should be angry,” he said. “People are very, very angry, very passionate and rightfully so.”

The Wausau School District said there’s a perfectly good explanation...[More]

Of course they say there’s a perfectly good explanation, they always say that. Don't believe them. If you see any more stories like this, email [email protected].

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