War On Christmas / Black Like Me Edition: Alveda King Depicts Holy Family As Africans
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I was unsurprised when I cheerily said “Merry Christmas” to the girl at Dunkin’ Donuts drive-in window yesterday, and she replied “Happy Holidays.” And I was only a little bit surprised when I saw Alveda King’s Christmas tweet this afternoon. King didn’t wage war on Christmas per se. But she did wage war on history, and more importantly, Jesus Christ.

Conservatism Inc. celebrates “Evangelist” King because she is Martin Luther King’s niece, which means we must hang on her every word as if it came down from Mount Sinai.

Under John 3:16, a favorite Bible verse among evangelicals, she included a Christmas scene that would have us believe that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were Africans, and as black as the ace of spades. Note that Joseph resembles recently deceased NBA star Bill Russell.

“Amen,” came a reply from S246, “but that artwork is wrong!”

“What’s wrong,” King replied, pretending not to know.

“The parents were Jews!!” S246 answered.

“They should be a lighter shade of brown, without African features,” replied another user.

Most others approved.

If Alveda King wants to imagine the Holy Family as Africans, that’s her business. But to pretend they were Africans publicly is another matter. They weren’t. Period. The claim that they were Africans, or that Jesus Christ was black, is a preposterous lie. It’s part and parcel of the Afrocentric nonsense that black conservatives such as King are supposed to oppose.

King’s schtick is the MLK connection, so her every utterance is, for the worthies of Conservatism, Inc., Holy Writ. For instance, she claims MLK would oppose abortion [Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece: ‘My Uncle Would Have Been Very Pro-Life,’ by Rachel del Guidice, Daily Signal, January 12, 2018]. King was not a Christian theologically, so apart from a genuine conversion, particularly given his support for Planned Parenthood, her claim is dubious at best. And he was, after all, an accessory to rape.

The latest racialist idiocy will do nothing to convince the worthies of Conservatism, Inc., that lionizing every black person who utters something sensible, or even worse, claiming them as conservative heroes, is incandescently stupid.

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