No, MLK Wasn’t A Christian … At Least Theologically
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Along with the hooey that Martin Luther King would be conservative if he were alive we also get the hooey that King was a Christian.

So apropos of the lamentations on the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination, consider this from a writer at Faithzette, who bellyaches about an anti-American, anti-Christian seminar, subsequently canceled, at George Washington University, using King as the contrasting good Christian:

But whether the seminar went forward or not, the anniversary of Dr. King’s death serves as a powerful rebuttal to the misguided arrogance conveyed in the title of that training session. [ “Christian Privilege: But Our Founding Fathers Were All Christian, Right?!”] Were it not for Christianity and biblical values, we wouldn’t be pausing to commemorate the death of the Christian reverend who sparked one of the most powerful and necessary movements in world history. Were it not for Dr. King’s strong faith and knowledge of the Bible, we might all still be waiting for the courage to face one of our nation’s darkest plights: racism. No doubt, racism still rages in America — but it was biblical truth that lit the fire in Dr. King’s heart, compelling him to stand up and speak out when people of color were being silenced. ‘It Was the Biblical Truth That Lit the Fire in Dr. King’s Heart’ The 50th anniversary of the reverend's death serves as a powerful rebuttal to much of the misguided arrogance about faith today by Michael Anthony, April 5, 2018

Whether King was a “Christian” depends on what you mean by “Christian.” He probably was a cultural Christian in the sense that he advocated typical Christian tenets found in the Ten Commandments or, say, the Sermon on the Mount.

But theologically speaking, King was not a Christian. Most Americans, particularly most Christian leaders, likely don’t know that his clerical title was a sham, as phony as his doctorate from Boston University.

His “papers,” which lie in hallowed repose at Stanford University, show what King the “Christian” believed. He rejected the divinity of Jesus Christ, flatly stating that “Jesus was by no means omniscient” and that the “orthodox view of the divinity of Christ is in my mind quite readily denied.”

King also also denied that Jesus Christ was born of a Virgin and the resurrection: “[T]his doctrine is found wanting,” the master plagiarist and “Christian” minister opined.

So Martin Luther King wasn’t merely a Red and philandering pervert. He was an anti-Christian huckster who denied the fundamental truths to which all real Christians assent, even as he hijacked the teachings of Jesus Christ to advance an anti-Christian, anti-American agenda.

The conservatives who cite King the “Christian” might read to some of the things he wrote.

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